Vehicle Signage

There are many benefits to getting your car, van or motor customised with vehichle signage. It provides an opportunity to increase recognition of the brand or business and increase awareness in people, of the services that you have on offer. Vechicle signage provides greater mobility of advertising and constant promotion.


Heavy duty magnet than can be removed and repositioned on your vehicle or any metal surface. You decide when you want to advertise your services by putting it on your vehicle or taking it off in seconds. Can be customised to any size and shape. Laminate option available.

Car / Van Graphics

Customise any size car or van with any design. We create high quality customised vehicle signage for all types of motors such as Cars, Rally Cars, Vans, Jeeps, Trucks, Buses, Trailors and much more! Cut vinyl decals available.

Trailer & Truck Vinyls

With minimum cost customise your trailor or truck to display your name & message with printed weather resistant trailor & truck vinyls.

Metal Panels

We can print customised metal panels to fix to your truck or trailor to enhance its appearance & functionality.

Window Tinting

Window Tinting your car windows not only increases your privacy but it also reduces the sun’s glare. Window tinting improves your comfort by preventing eye strain, by reducing the glare of the light and it also reduces excessive light pollution.

Bumper Stickers

Turn car parks & red lights into opportunities with weather-resistant, custom bumper stickers. We can print these to any size and we also specialise in reverse car window decals.